Friday, January 29, 2010


Oh admit it! You secretly want one!

Well, this was the year of the Snuggie in our house, whether they realized they wanted it or not! :)

You can see from the varying expressions, that it wasn't as well received by some as it was by others! Oh well - they all soon grew to appreciate the gift and we've got snuggies all over the house.

Well...maybe Brit wasn't too excited about her Snuggie, but Briley was more than happy to model her's for everyone!

For you viewing pleasure, I thought I would show you the 'remains of the day'....

Obviously our festivities weren't exciting enough to keep her awake.

And one last picture of my girls - don't they look innocent and almost angelic? Yep, that's the facade of digital photography - everything can be edited!
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