Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tree Decorating - Family Style

The Christmas of 2009 - (glad it's over!)

It all started on a Sunday afternoon when the girls and I were putting up the Christmas Tree. Easy enough? Right? WRONG! It was a unanimous vote by all of those living in my house which fail to financially support themselves, that WE needed new decorations for our tree. We NEEDED an entirely new theme. Hmmm??? You can guess what the next words out of their mouths were... "MOM!!! We need some money so we can go buy new ornaments."

Okay really, I had to agree with them; I was sick of the same ole' hodge podge mess. I know, I really wasn't a mess, it was more like every ornament that the kids had made from daycare through the elementary years at school and any other mismatched ornament that fell into the 'eclectic' theme.

Not long after the decision was made to buy new ornaments, we all took off to the store in search of our new theme. Luckily the girls were mostly interested in using the same color of ornaments and not so much a theme that would break the bank. What's even better, I just turned them loose in the Dollar Store and after a mere $50 we had new ornaments and lights that would make us all happy! I guess that means we are just cheap, easy to please, and low maintenance! Or we are always pinching pennies so tightly that I have taught my children to have low expectations! LOL

It was a family function in our house! Everyone had a job to do - and Brittany was there to make sure we all did it right... uh... uh... I mean her way! :)

Brittany was in charge of the light placement - so she had to squeeze in and out from around the tree! Ok, so maybe she's the only one skinny enough to do it?

Bailey and Briley were charged with the task of putting the hangers on the new ornaments and following all of the orders that Brittany was barking out as she went! Oh yes, it was definitely a joyful occassion! Or Not!

At one point, they girls had to wrangle their dad into helping with the lights because for some reason we couldn't have twinkle lights. It was imparative that we have solid clear/white lights.
After about 3 hours of family togethernesss and a few close misses of a thrown ornament here and there, the tree was finished and my living room looked like a cyclone went through.

Well there you have it, our glorious Dollar Store themed Christmas Tree!
Whew.... we made it through that without any injuries!
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