Friday, February 5, 2010

Bailey's Calf Scramble

What's a calf scramble? You ask? Well.... for lack of a better way to describe it, it's simply a bunch of teenagers in the rodeo arena chasing steers and trying to capture and halter one. Why do they do this? Well.... it's all about money and scholarships! The winners receive money to apply to their next show animal and some eventually win scholarships from these sponsors.

Here are all of the hopeful participants, waiting for the signal to start scrambling!

It's a fun time, if you're lucky enough to catch one. This year was Bailey's first time to give it a try. She ended up catching one after three tries. Now before anyone starts judging my photography skills, my defense is that I was on the wrong side of the arena, as usual and I was jumping up and down hollering and really was having a hard time focusing my camera. I was trying to take pictures with one eye and watch the action with the other...not the best idea I've ever had! LOL

Let me interpret this blurry mess.... Bailey is actually dragging the steer by the tail, but this slippery little fellow gets away while dragging her around the rink.

The next strategy she tries is to just fall on top of the steer. Uh this didn't work out so well either and Bailey comes away with a hoof print on her left cheek.

BUT...the third try is the charm! Bailey was determined to scramble up herself a calf...(did you like that rodeo talk?) :)) Notice the look of sheer determination!

Here we are back to the 'pull the tail' method!

It worked! She caught the steer and is putting the halter on it.

Ahhhh... sweet success! The calf is haltered and the Judge is there for the hand-off!

Whew! She did it! Now we are heading to the San Antonio Stock Show for their calf scramble! OH and the stepped on cheek was just slightly bruised, but it makes for a good story to her friends at school. :)
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