Thursday, April 15, 2010

I feel a rant coming on.....

** 1. Diet soft drinks
I'm not naive or living in a cave - I realize that part of my personal weight struggles are centered around the amount of sugar I ingest from my morning Sonic Coke, but seriously is a REGULAR coke any worse or better than a DIET Coke? Recent studies have suggested that the diet drinks are tricking our bodies and in reality they are hurting our metabolism, thus creating more weight gain.

I can sorta see how this theory might be accurate; the past several months I have been making a mental note of the types of people I witness purchasing diet drinks in convenience stores. These folks are HUGE! We aren't talking about some skinny soccer mom and her diet coke, I'm talking about OBESE!!! So my own personal theory is that maybe the diet drink isn't doing you as much good as you think??? I guess my frustration over this was tapped off this morning while standing in line behind a VERY LARGE woman buying a Diet Dr. Pepper and a package of chocolate donuts! Uh yea... that's a real commitment to better health! Drink more diet drinks, surely it's bound to help? HUGE EYE ROLLING MOMENT~

So leave me alone - I want the REAL THING! Obviously real Coke isn't causing so much weight gain for me personally...I can still fit behind the steering wheel and don't require a motorized shopping cart to venture through Wal-Mart!

**2. TAX DAY
My husband and I go to work each and every day, we don't require any federal assistance to feed, clothe, and shelter our children...which by the way were all born on private insurance and paid for by US, not Uncle Sam! UH folks... he's really not your uncle! You don't have any inheritance, get off your lazy butt and get a job!

Each year we dread tax season and how much money we are going to be required to pay. Neither my husband nor myself are off on expensive vacations and jet setting around the world because we make tons of money. We don't have a driveway full of jet skies, motor boats, and RV's. My closets don't have mink coats hanging in them, and I certainly don't own any bling bling that needs to be covered by insurance!

We are MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA! We pay our bills, we shop at discount stores, our kids don't wear $100 tennis shoes and believe it or not, we don't eat steak every night! It's a hearty portion of Hamburger Helper on a good day! LOL So why oh why are we punished for just being normal and providing for our family.

Neither one of us came from a priviledged life in that we attended some Ivy League Institution - we simply got jobs! Showed up each day and worked our way up through the ranks! Yes, we are very blessed to have good paying jobs, but our jobs didn't fall out of the sky....we got off our butts and went looking for them!

HOLD ON.... does that mean hard work doesn't pay??? Well obviously it does pay - it's pays for lazy slobs to continue to reproduce and have babies paid for with my tax dollars and then expect that non-existant UNCLE to provide for those babies. Oh, and then once they've fed their little darlings with their food stamps, they have plenty of money left to buy their cigarettes and guess what? They get cancer and that same great UNCLE will pay for their cancer treatments? Hmmm??? Notice a system at work here?

OH I could go on forever with this rant...but I'll spare you my angst... it will get ugly!

I feel I should really end my ranting post now - I've stirred up enought anxiety to last a while! What's your rant for the day? Go ahead... it's okay... we're all friends here - Rant Away!
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