Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon Jaunt

Hoping to beat the Sunday afternoon blahs, Briley and I struck out on a road trip! We are just so exciting and spontaneous like that! Two wild girls on the move... I'm sure every 40 year old is jealous that I have an 8 year old as my best friend!NOT!!!

So where did we go? Well Briley and I ended up at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. This was really a very nice little afternoon drive and quite a pleasant experience. The wildflowers were starting to bloom along the highway, the dogwood trees were budding out
and the azaleas were well on their way to their full burst of color
...all of these thing I have missed due to living in the middle of a cow pasture!

The most impressive part of all of the Zoo's greenery was the massive wisteria covering a walkway - not only were the blooms gorgeous, but the aroma was wonderful!

Moving along with our zoo visit, Briley insisted on petting the goats, now obviously she didn't get 'goat petting' out of her system, the week before when she spent several days at the County Fair petting all of the livestock she could ever want to touch and handle. Oh well... whatever makes her happy!

It really was a lot of fun to be able to get so close and personal with the animals. This zoo experience is much different than what I remember as a kid, when there were fences and glass between you and the exhibits.

Briley's favorite part of the entire trip was going through the Bird Walkabout exhibit. She could feed the birds with a seed stick and really get close and pet them.

Who Knew??? A popsicle stick smeared with peanut butter and bird seed could offer so much entertainment?? :)

If you ever find yourself in the Tyler area, you should definitely check out the Caldwell Zoo. The admission is very inexpensive, the parking is easy and accessible (free parking) and there weren't large crowds hoarding the viewing area of the exhibits; we actually got to see all that we wanted to see without some pushy fat kid jumping in front of us! LOL
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