Monday, April 5, 2010

This Little Piggy Didn't Make It To The Market...

This little piggy went straight to the processing plant!

We aren't exactly sure what happened this year, but Bailey and the pig were both off of their game? Bailey didn't place well enough in her class to make the Sale, but that was really okay with us - we already had big plans for the porker and OUR plans were for her to go straight to the slaughter house and then straight to my freezer!

The expressions on both of their faces tell it all - neither Bailey or the pig were 'feeling' it that hour??? :)

All is not lost, we did discover a new fashion accessory that is sure to start a whole new trend in the Swine Show world.... A blinged out belt with a brush placed in the back pocket, for that unruly swine hair in the show ring.... or the occasional poop that needs to brushed off the pig's behind (while the judge isn't looking, of course?).

Not sure where we are going from here with our animal adventures? I hear talk around the dining room table that there is Heifer somewhere in the next county that has Bailey's name on it? Now Briley wants in on the action and has decided that she can raise and show Rabbits? Uhh....not too sure about that one either?? OY Vey!
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