Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Little Piggy Went To The Fair (version 2010)

It's that time of year again...time for the County Fair. Again this year, Bailey is showing a pig and this year she has chosen a Hampshire Pig. We are all proud that this pig didn't get sick like last year's bacon in the makin', but this Hampshire pig hasn't been without it's challenges. Apparently, she's quite moody - the pig not Bailey - and won't eat on a regular basis. We've learned all about different types of oats and concoctions that are supposed to make this porker want to eat.

The latest theory on fattening up a pig came from yet another 'pig pro' that suggested we use powdered baby formula mixed with water and somewhere along the way we were supposed to pour in a bottle of straight corn oil? All of this is mixed with the regular high dollar pig food and should fatten this girl up! I say we should just save the money on pig food and feed her the same stuff I eat everyday, 'cause it's obviously fattening me up - with little or no effort!

Apparently all of the suggestions have worked and Miss Piggy is fat and ready for the Swine Show this afternoon. She made the weight class we were hoping for and at last count, I hear she weighed in at a whopping 237 pounds!

I should have pictures of Bailey and the pig later today. So hopefully I can get those loaded for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the next pig story which will hopefully end with ...This Little Piggy Went to the Market!
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