Wednesday, October 27, 2010

15 Years Ago Today - during my Soap Opera...

Bailey was born!  Yes, her arrival into the world happened right in the middle of The Bold and The Beautiful!  I gotta tell ya, I was a little irked with her for a while, especially when the Dr. told me that I had to turn the TV off so I could push!   Well... I guess it all turned out for the best and now 15 years later, I've got a beautiful young lady that I couldn't be more proud of and the drama between Brook and Ridge still exists in the world of daily soap opera drama. :)

Ironically, Bailey was born on my sister's birthday and those two definitely share a few of the same character flaws traits! When no one else seems to understand Bailey, I have no doubt that my sister will totally get 'it' or completely understand Bailey's way of thinking...that's just how they are?

So Happy 15th Birthday to my sweet girl - and yes...we will be having  a double decker chocolate cake with chocolate icing - just the way she likes it!

Oh I almost forgot - I must get busy and order the driver training manual thingy - you know she's going to be nagging the life out of me to get her learner's permit.  OY!  I feel a need for more Xanax!
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