Thursday, November 4, 2010

It was a pumpkin carving fiasco....

(I love the picture because Briley looks like she has horns coming out of her head... The rolling pin lined up just perfectly with her head.)
The girls spent one evening designing and carving their own pumpkins.  It really was quite entertaining to watch their different levels of interest and commitment.  Needless to say, there is always one the bunch that really couldn't care less if the pumpkin got carved or thrown out the back door.  That one in my bunch is Bailey! :)
She did put forth the effort, but in the end she was fine with just chucking it in the trash!
 Even Briley dug the pumpkin guts out all by herself!

After a couple hours of trial and error, we did end up with four pretty scary (in a good way) looking pumpkins and the evening was capped off with a yummy bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds, seasoned with ranch dressing.
Of course I forgot to take any pictures of the finished pumpkins!  That figures!

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