Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Product Review - Glade Holiday Collection

~ I am not paid by anyone to express my biased opinion on these products. ~

The day after Halloween, I saw my first Christmas commercial on TV, it was for Glade Holiday Collection of Scented Oil Candles.  Once I got over my initial shock that the holiday marketing surge had begun, I decided that I might like to try these out.  After all, I'm always interested in finding something to conquer the kid, dirt, cat, and other nasty smells that creep up when I least expect them. 

In my usual Sunday afternoon coupon clipping extravaganza, I found Glade Candle coupons.  Lucky me!  :)  Well you know what this means?  Right?  I've got to have these wonderful candles NOW - I have a coupon!!  That's just a no-brainer! 

So in keeping with my normal boring routine of weekend grocery shopping with coupons and sales ads, I struck out to my neighborhood Wally World with the intention of finding and purchasing my very own Glad Holiday Collection.  I would just like to say that Wally World was so considerate - they had built an entire display in the middle of the aisle, of what else?  Glade Holiday Candle Collection...After sniffing and sneezing my way around the display smelling each of the holiday scents, I finally settled on the Apple Cinnamon scent. 

With sheer excitement that I had found the perfect item to bring the smells of the holidays into my home, just as the commercial boasted about...I put two candles, two oil refills and one oil candle holder thing in my buggy.  You realize that in order for me to use my coupons, I had to buy 2 of each? Just making sure we are all on the same page here! LOL

As soon as I got home from the dreaded grocery store trip, I found my bag of goodies and knew that I had to try them out, immediately.  Hmmm??? I pretty sure they had a scent at the store?  However when I got home they didn't smell as lovely as they had in the store?  Was there some kind of scent trick?  I continue to light them around the house and wait for the wonderful smells of the holidays to wash over me.

That never happened.  I didn't smell anything!  Hmmm?? After 2 hours the Scented Oil Candle had completely burned out and no one in my household even noticed the slightest smell of yumminess?  Never fear, I had bought the oil refills, so maybe our house was just extra stinky and I needed to burn another one - so I did. UH.. YEAH... NOTHING! 

I wasn't trying to smell up the High School Gymnasium, just my normal sized living area?  Was that so hard?? Still determined to smell something, I lit the candle in my bathroom in hopes that maybe it would smell up a smaller room?  I can honestly report that the actual Glade candles did put off a longer lasting scent than the Oil Candles, but then again they were placed in a much smaller space.

What does all of this unbiased review mean?  Well I'll tell ya'... Save your money - don't buy the oil candle thingy, regardless of how cute you think the holder might be!  Big waste of money, even if you do have the coupon.  If you must give Glade some of your money, I would recommend only buying their actual candles.

I would also like to report that one small little Yankee Candle Melt did more to deodorize and wash my rooms in holiday goodness than all three of the Glade things combined.  I'm sticking to Yankee Candles, I should know better than to try anything else!  I've learned my lesson!  For what I spent on all of the Glade Holiday Collection junk, I could have bought one whopping big Yankee Candle that I can be assured would wash my home in the smells of holiday yumminess. 

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