Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Baby Pigs Have Arrived

As usual for this time of year, we are the proud owners of two new baby piggies, to be fattened up and taken to the County Fair in the Spring.
This year Briley is going to show a pig for the Jr. FFA in our District.  This is her first year to actually get in the ring and show by herself.  To say she is excited, is quite an understatement.  Briley has already named her pig Hershey; yes, the black one is hers! :) 

Another change we've made this year is that we are keeping the pigs at the school's barn, so we will be closer to them and it will make the care and feeding of them easier than driving down to our friend's barn in the next town over.  So far, the girls and I have to get up about 30 minutes earlier each morning and we stop by the school barn to check on these little oinkers.  Bailey is shoveling poop each morning before school and Briley and I are taking care of the feeding and watering them.  I don't know how long I'm going to be up for the morning pig duty?  Obviously I didn't read the fine print somewhere? UGH! 

Every other evening, the girls will be going to the pig barn with their dad to start working with the pigs to get them use to taking directions/orders when told to move or whatever it is they teach them.  All of this effort is in hopes that when the pig gets into the show ring, they don't act like a completely wild animal -which of course they are?  Go figure?

So far this has been the extent of Briley's participation...let's just say she's gotta step off of her bale of hay pretty soon and get dirty! LOL

This morning when we went to the barn, Bailey quickly announced that her pig had the 'runs'!  Oh lovely!  This year of pigs is off to a good start - NOT!  Pig Runs - Pig Diarrhea - JUST LOVELY! 

Stay tuned for more pig adventures...
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