Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aging, Diet, and Exercise AFTER 40...

Let's not mix words about this... IT SUCKS!   It takes work, serious work both physically and mentally to stay ahead of the aging game.

Earlier this week I had to make my usual three month trip the Dr.'s office to have my blood pressure meds refilled.  I don't know why my Dr. insists on seeing me every three months (well I do know why, she wants to bill the Insurance Company)- I promise nothing is changing not even my wardrobe!  My weight stays the same, my disposition stays the same... and basically my life is a daily rewind and repeat of the day before.  So what is the point?  Just give me my refills and we can call it good?  Ya' know?

As I was sitting in the waiting room with my little baggie of pills, I noticed that everyone else had their own little baggies of pills?  What's the deal?  Are we all here to see the pill pusher?  I began to rationalize with myself and the fact that I'm only *41*, NOT 81 - why in the world did I need a baggie of pills?  This entire process is crazy and basically self inflicted.   I know better than to be carrying so much extra weight around my mid-section. I know better than to eat noodles, butter, bread, and drink coke!  I'm sabotaging myself! (The brain fog was lifted at this point!)

Why do I let myself get caught up in the mindset that I'm too tired to get up and get moving after 7:00 p.m.?  Just because it's dark, doesn't mean I have to put on my PJ's and crawl into bed or on the couch to watch the holiday movies on Hallmark.  Honestly  I've seen them all,  several times over...AGAIN....I'm doing it to myself!!  I'm sure I would probably feel better if I just got up and used my mind and body?  

I've been so busy the past 20 years raising kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, helping with homework projects and dropping off and picking up at gymnastics and Girl Scouts that I've completely forgotten about ME.  I've turned into a scrub women - or at least it feels that way.

There was a time when even on the worst of days, I could pull out a pair of jeans, fix my hair and maybe put on a certain blouse and be assured that heads would turn.  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  Well.... heads don't turn anymore and I'm someone's raggedy old mom!  (insert eye rolling moment and maybe a little tear or two) 

This getting old stuff is not for the weak, that's for sure! Each morning when I crawl out of bed I have pain in all sorts of different spots.  And if I'm really lucky the pain will move from one location to another, but never fear I have my handy Arthritis Strength Tylenol to get me through the day! UGH!!

So what does all of the pathetic ranting mean?  Not sure, exactly?  Maybe I've had that light bulb moment?  I do know that things have got to change and I'm ready to fight this aging business with serious force.  Besides, I'm really sick of spending so much money each month at the pharmacy, when if I would just take control of my health, I wouldn't need any of my prescriptions!  DUH?  LOL

Let's not get carried away, you aren't going to see me running marathons or participating in body building events, but I do hope to increase my daily exercise by making ME a priority. I am improving my dietary habits with vitamin supplements and better food choices.  I didn't say I was giving up Sonic Coke, just yet...but hopefully I can cross that hurdle sooner than later.

What good am I going to be if my grand kids are pushing me around in a wheelchair, when I could have used my 'good years' to get into better shape and enjoy getting up each day?

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, just catch up to the wagon!

Stick with me on this and if you would like to be a lifestyle buddy with me, let me know!  It's always great to have someone else in this fight with you!
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