Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Apple,

I am so very excited to have finally ordered myself an iPad!  Woo Hoo... I'm sticking to my story that it's primary purpose is for work, but let's get can bet I'm going to be using it for a few fun applications on the weekends.  Let's just call it my executive privilege.

I'm sure you understand the excitement and feelings of anxiousness that coincide with finally becoming a part of the living, or so it would seem, and finally having an iPad?

Well this morning when Mr. Fed Ex Man delivered a box to my office, I immediately thought it was going to be my iPad.  Wouldn't you?  WRONG....
Here's what I got...
The docking station!!  That's it - that was all that was in the box.... Hmmm?  I guess it's coming to me in parts and pieces?

I bet the next box I get will be the charging cord?  Or the case for it?  What are you trying to do to me Apple?  If your goal was to tease and torture me then you are succeeding.


Not so happy Apple customer
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