Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spiders and Crickets.... OH MY!

For the past 3 weeks or so, we have had a huge influx of spiders and crickets making their way INTO my house.  There is simply not enough room for all of us to live happily, together in one house.  These little buggers have got to go!  For a while, I passed off the newly formed spider webs as Halloween decor, but now that's not working so well for me.  I need to sweep the walls and crevices on a daily basis to keep up with the spider condominiums going up in my vaulted ceilings.

I've heard other folks in our area talk about how many crickets have invaded their homes, as well.  What does this mean?  Where's the Farmer's Almanac?  Where's the Indian Doctor?  I need to know...I'm sure it's some sort of sign of impending doom!  That's just my luck.

I finally got smart enough to just GOOGLE this quandary and discovered that some theories on the idea say that it means we are going to have an early and harsh winter!  OH JOY JOY!  Just what I wanted to hear... NOT!  See....impending doom!!  I'm not a winter person at all... as a matter of fact, I prefer to hibernate from December through March. 

I've also learned that having 'house' crickets is supposed to be good luck.  Well let me tell ya'... We must be the luckiest folks on the block, 'cause I'm sweeping up 8-10 dead and mangled crickets every day - I wonder if the crickets have to be alive to lucky?  

Whatever the 'sign' is, I wish these things would go away.  Just this morning I found a cricket hoping happily in my kitchen sink among the breakfast dishes.  This poor little cricket's luck just ran out - yep you guessed it - turned on the water and disposal!  UGH... how much longer are these things going to invade my home?  What do you know about crickets and spider invasions?  Should I be prepared for some sort of  paranormal phenomenon? 
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