Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As if I needed another project....

Last January Bailey was lucky, skilled, or just crazy enough to catch a calf in the Ft. Worth Calf  Scramble .  Now with this opportunity, challenge, or headache comes a few responsibilities and requirements that have to be taken care of throughout the year.  For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, I'll give you a brief recap.  If a calf is caught, then you are awarded $500 to use towards a purchase of a heifer to be shown in the next year's Ft. Worth Stock Show, in return you are expected to make monthly contact with your sponsor and keep a journal of sorts... IE... scrapbook documenting your year working with and showing this heifer.
This is where I come into the picture - - I am helping Bailey put together a scrapbook for the Judges, in addition to the $500 used to purchase the heifer, extra scholarship funds are awarded for the most creative scrapbooks and an essay.  This past year I have been taking pictures of anything and everything that Bailey has done while working with and showing her heifer and her pig. 

Let's just say that trying to get pictures of Bailey is like trying to get pictures of a raging bull!  Literally!! This child does not like to have her picture taken and most of the time her expression is clearly representing what she is's not usually nice either! LOL  (Notice the expression below.  Is there any doubt that she is thinking ugly thoughts about her mother?)

Originally, we were working to put together a more traditional scrapbook with all of the cutting, gluing, paper, and cute little accents, but then I was informed by our County Extension Agent that the Calf Scramble Office really only wanted a 'copy' of the scrapbook?  HUH?  A copy?  I've been cutting, gluing and buying little accents for nothing?  They just want a copy?  CHANGE OF PLANS! 

Now Bailey and I are working on putting together a digital scrapbook which I enjoy doing so much more than the traditional paper scrapping kind.  Basically I like working digitally better because it's less messy!  Yes.... I realize I have issues with things being clean and not cluttered, but all of that paper stuff constantly drug out over my dining room table was about to send me over yet another edge of insanity. Picture it... scrapbook junk at one end, Briley's homework and school project at the other end.  In the mix there is a cat or two taking residence among the constant paper piles and then let's not forget that eating standing up isn't always the best alternative.  UGH... Here's how my mind works... (beware)... If I have to clean up the scrapbook stuff every time I need to use the table, then I will NEVER get in the mood to drag it back out and work on it; I hate to make a mess.  Therefore, digital works so much better for me and I don't feel so overwhelmed with clutter.  ( I know... I definitely have issues! But that's a post for another day!)

So far, Bailey and I have about 12 pages in the digital scrapbook completed and I need to make about 12 more to make myself happy with her submission of the project.  Oh and one little detail... it's due Feb 1st!  YEP... that's right.... as always we are rushing around to make this happen.  It will be great I'm sure - it has to be - we've actually had to get along for a few minutes to make it come together! :)   And just in case you are wondering, YES she is going to be trying for another heifer in the Calf Scramble again this year!  JOY JOY!
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