Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Mother Nature,

It's time we had a little chat --- I want sunshine!  I need sunshine!  I must have sunshine to survive!  What are you doing to me?

I realize that it is January, but have you forgotten that I am in TEXAS?  I don't live in the frozen tundra for a reason.  I HATE THE COLD.    I try very hard to refrain from complaining about the 100*+ temps in July and August, in return you are supposed to refrain from sending so much cold weather to my little spot in the world.  I thought we had a deal?  I thought we understood each other? 

My plants on the porch are wondering what has happened to their sunshine? The grass is brown?   Brown???? UGH!!!    I am wondering what has happened to MY sunshine.  Have you forgotten that I get very moody and whiny without warm temperatures and sunshine?  

Do I need to remind you that I am going on 7 straight days WITHOUT glorious sunshine?  Hello??? Are you listening???  I'm getting a little grumpy here??  It's not going to be pretty?  Someone is going to get hurt??
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