Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morning School Traffic...

Have you ever witnessed a crazy mother jumping out of the car and start screaming and ranting at the other mothers in the "DROP OFF" lane? 

Well I haven't either, but this morning it almost happened.  I seriously could have strangled this one particular mother that obviously has all of the time in the world to drop her children off at school.  I say obviously because each and every day, this mother driving a black Chevy sedan gets OUT of her car in the DROP OFF LANE, while wearing her pj's and opens the back door.  Now this habit would bother me so badly, but HELLO.... ????  It's called DROP OFF for a reason!!  UGH

This particular stay-at-home mother gets out of the car wearing her pink pajama pants, opens the child's door and unbuckles them.  WHAT THE HECK? If your kid isn't old enough or big enough to unbuckle themselves and get out of the car, then the DROP OFF LANE isn't for you!   There are plenty of parking spaces that are close to the door, just for you! GRRRR...... 

Now I realize this process doesn't exactly seem like rocket science or even all that time consuming, but let me tell ya'.... IT TAKES THEM FOREVER to get business taken care of.  If you want to give your child some words of wisdom or parting advice, do it while NOT in the DROP OFF LANE, because I can promise you that there are other mothers (like me) that have JOBS to get to - and have other things to do in life that might have some sort of time constraints!  

I wouldn't be a crazed mother if this were the only incident of this, but there are SEVERAL mommies that pull these little tricks in the DROP OFF LANE!  Surely I'm not the only one that gets aggravated by their behavior?  The school has sent home several notes and reminders about just this same thing, but obviously these offending women do not understand that it is directed at them.... UGH...

I promise - one of these days, I'm going to get my own little red flag and I'm going to stand out in the DROP OFF LANE and wave folks through and yell at the idiots that don't follow the rules! 

This is driving me crazy!!!

Whew...... glad I got that off of my chest!   I had a feeling I was going to be spending the next several years in jail for hurting someone! LOL

Don't think I haven't considered it!
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