Monday, March 24, 2008

A bright and sunshiny welcome to.....

Finally it is officially here! We've celebrated Easter, the clocks have been turned foward and the cold weather is gone! I am so excited to get busy with softball games and longer evenings filled with extra hours of sunlight! I NEED the sun! I NEED the longer days! I NEED Spring!

Each year I have big plans for my flowerbeds and my planting extravaganza around the yard, well - not this year! I've decided that since we aren't even home enough to really enjoy my labors in the yard, I'm going to just be happy with my low maintenance shrubs and maybe a few hanging baskets. I'll gladly watch my cannas grow and bloom and I'll even encourage and fertilize my lovely fig tree, but that is it. I just can't justify spending so much money on my usual bedding plants and hanging baskets and then it just takes a week or two of the North Texas winds or about 6 weeks in the North Texas heat, and it's all gone! Dead, crispy, and looking pitiful. It's just too painful for me to endure another year! Maybe one of these days when I'm not running around chasing kids to and from their social activities, I can enjoy my yard and my plants, but for now I'm convinced that it just isn't meant to be! I'm going to be happy sitting on my porch in my rocking chair and watching the kids as they ride their bikes, 4-wheelers, go karts, and whatever other motorized thing they turn up with. WELCOME to Spring!

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