Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Friday....... More of the same boring work I've been doing all week - BUT.... this week seems to have drug on forever. I think it was because our usual schedule has been interrupted from Spring Break and it just seems like the whole week has been wonky!
So...this weekend we are still trying to decide what we are going to do for Easter. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to take a trip to his Dad's so the girls can fish and just enjoy a relaxing weekend at the lake house? But... we'll see.... it's a two hour drive and gas prices are outragious, so I'm not sure what we are going to opt for.

Saturday morning is the LAST Girl Scout cookie booth sale for our troop and by Noon on Saturday, this momma is done with the cookies! Whatever doesn't sell the other leader can take and peddle on the street corner - I'm done!!! DONE... DONE... DONE...!!! Any questions? LOL I hope everyone has a great Easter - it has come so early that I'm just completely taken by surprise and we haven't even put out our Easter docorations - oh well ?
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