Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm at the edge of my sanity...

Dangling feet first and hanging on with my nails.... CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!

So, if money were no object and family responsibilities just vanished away - where would you go? Where would you live? You know... the one place that just makes all the sense in the world to you - it's where you truly feel that you were meant to be?

Well, I can definitely tell you that I was not meant to live in some small hick-town in North East Texas with only one gas station and a Dollar General to supply my needs! NOPE! This is not my place in the world!!! (the realist in me completely understand that is where I must be in order for my family to function and to have a job that will feed said family!)

But I can dream - occassionally!!!

My place of perfection would be living on the coast. I love to smell the salty breezes, see the thunder clouds roll in from the deep ocean waters, watch the waves hitting the sandy beaches.. ahhh... yes... I am a tropic lovin' momma!! I need the beach! I need to see wide open sunsets. I love to have sand between my toes and on my flip-flops! I love fish and anything that I can eat that might have remotely been swimming in some deep ocean waters! I like drinks with umbrellas! I love tropical fruit and just about any recipe that makes you think of the tropical breezes and sandy beaches. (Did you notice how I quickly relate happiness to FOOD? )

My beach frenzy has been developing in me for more years than I can remember. Of all of the vacations we took during my childhood years (and we did at least 2 biggies each year) I most remember the trips to the beach. My dad tended to migrate to the moutains and I would tend to protest that we needed yet another trip to the beach... sometimes he would give in....sometimes, not so much! LOL

I often tease my kids and tell them that one day when I don't come home they are going to misss me! (They probably wish they could be so lucky!) If they ever want to know where to find me, the first place they should probably look would be some tropical island resort on the Florida Coast!

My fetish was never so strong as during the mid 80's when home interiors took a turn for the tropics. Ever see the 80's sitcom Golden Girls? Remember the palm tree green stuff that covered the walls in Blanche's bedroom? Ahhhh.... I desperately wanted that wall paper and bedspread, but my mother had other ideas which didn't include palm tree anythings on my bedroom walls! Oh well?
Back to reality - muggy Texas summer heat -- sticky asphalt streets -- and the happening gas station on the corner!! Woo Hoo... NOT!!!!

Happy Friday!
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