Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let me introduce you to my new friend

Meet Mr. Toad.....

He lives under our sidewalk. Apparently he's not afraid of a little badgering from kids and some friendly cats that just want to play. Mr. Toad makes his appearance every evening while we are watering our yard, and jumps around us - as if to say he wants to play. For a toad frog, he's not as skittish as I would have expected? But then again, I have absolutely no experience with toad frogs. Maybe they are very friendly creatures? Maybe he's just wants a friend or two?

I tried to get him to move a little to get a few different shots of him, but this time he was content to just sit there and look around. However, the minute I took my camera back in the house, he proceeded to jump around. Figures!

Let me share with you a picture of my front door - with mud on the top... ugh...Now, I am asking all of my readers to impart their wisdom on me regarding getting rid of pesky barn swallows ~which, by the way are a protected species? - I have no idea why? They multiply on my porch like crazy! Anyway, these nasty little bird have done this ..... to my front door.... see, there's even one there in the picture - they won't go away!!!!

These birds use mud to build their nests, and in their attempt to build they have dobbed mud over my front door! You can't get rid of these birds! It doesn't matter what I've used to clean this mud off with, or what I've sprayed around my porch -they always come back and rebuild their nests. This have been going on for the past 5 years during the spring and summer months. The mess they leave on the concrete below their nests is a disgusting pile of mud, bird poop, cracked egg shells and feathers! YUCKKY!!! It doesn't just wash off with a water hose either - I have to use industrial strenght concrete cleaner and a hoe to scrape this mess off. HELP!!!! Has anyone ever fought these nasty birds and won?

Although the lighting isn't all that great in this picture, you can see the mud spots from the street! No one on my street seems to be fighting them as aggressively as I am, and to top it all off, we have two cats that live outside and occassionally catch a bird! You would think these pesky birds would learn their lesson and move on?

Here's a better shot of the front of our house as we attempt to water our yard in hopes of one day having real grass and not just nice green weeds. Hey! It could happen!

Oh by the way, I'm thinking of painting my front door a barn red or brick red to match the bricks and give it a little pop - what do you recommend?
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