Thursday, August 21, 2008

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

....But it just feels like it! :)

Okay, school shopping is finished and every one's uniforms are hanging in the closet and the school supplies are stacked up in the dining room, ready to go to school. I can't wait - just 4 more days as we are back on our normal routine! Woo Hoo.... But, don't worry - by Thursday of next week I'll be complaining about being exhausted and how we need a break! You should know by now, that nothing makes me happy, except complaining! LOL

Anyway - just to refresh your memory - Bailey ended the school year with a broken arm and now that the arm is healed, she has a broken finger! Just guess how it happened? If you guessed softball, you would be correct! Apparently another player threw the ball and Bailey wasn't ready or was too close or whatever the story is and the ball hit her hand so hard that it broke her finger. The best part of this for Bailey is which finger is broken - its the 'bad middle finger' on her right hand! She has a lovely blue splint on this finger and she always looks like she's 'shooting the bird'!! She loves it! LOL You just gotta love 8th grade humor.

Briley meets her second grade teacher tonight as well as takes a tour of the new school she's going to. Due to unprecedented growth in our district the grades have been through a fruit basket turn-over and everyone is shifted and moved and discombobulated. You would know it that my precious baby and her age group is being relocated to oldest (30+yrs) and stinkiest (think 30 yrs old sweat socks and body odor) school in the district! (yes, big eye rolling moment from me) I really hope the improvements they 'say' have been completed are at least noticeable - It's bad enough that these little babies are going to have to walk to another campus and cross a parking lot to get to a playground... UGH... I will spare you my rant - for now - but I reserve the right for a nice long rant at a later date!
Did I mention that I'm completely excited that school is about to start? If not, let me say it again... Wooo Hoooo..... School is about to start!!!!
My pantry and freezer are in great need of restocking- I never knew little girls could eat so much! It's amazing what those varmints can put away in a day!!! Each week, we have been going through 3 gallons of milk, 3 boxes of cereal, 6 pizzas, 4 mac -n- cheese boxes, 2 loaves of bread, endless pkgs of sandwich meat and string cheese, and about a dozen eggs. What in the heck are they doing with all of this food? Surely they are feeding the neighbors? I won't even mention the boxes of Little Debbie Brownies, Honey Buns, and Fancy Cakes that have disappeared!

(Note to self.... check into buying stock in Little Debbie Snacks)
Well that's my ramble for the day - nothing new and exciting to report - just busy keeping my kids happy and looking for something else to complain about.

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