Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Under-Appreciated Food

Tapioca Pudding... Do we really appreciate the feeling of complete and total comfort that it offers with its creamy sweet taste and unique texture?

We've already determined that I am definitely an emotional eater and when I get stressed I head for comfort foods. This time I headed straight for the box of tapioca pudding. I can't really describe what it is that I enjoy so much about it, other than when I was a kid my mom would fix tapioca as a special treat for my dad and I just grew up liking it as much as he did. I've tried to buy the pre-made stuff from the grocery's refriderator section, but it just isn't the same - it's got to be the 'real stuff' that my mom made years ago.

Not too long ago I asked my mom if she would make some for me... uh.. her response was 'no'... "You can make it better than I can and you're not 7 anymore..." Gee... do you just feel the love from my mom? Or what? LOL I really do make it tastier than she does! :)

So anyway - I'm on a campaign to bring back the fascination with Tapioca Pudding - Won't you join me?
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