Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Did you know there is a RIGHT way to Doodle?

There is! If you don't believe me, just ask Briley!!!
She came home from school one afternoon just completely devastated that she couldn't draw little things, like birds or trucks, as well as some other kids in her class. Now, I realize this isn't a crisis moment for most folks, but for US it was a HUGE point of contention.... DRAMA!!!! I attended my first two semesters of college on an Art Scholarship and I love to doodle and draw - how could I have a child that can't doodle? (I'm being sarcastic - LOL)

As you can guess, I made it my immediate attention to find a book on how to draw birds or trucks or something. And I did!! I stumbled across this book on Amazon and immediately ordered it for Briley. Next Briley and I went out and bought a fresh new doodle pad and some new markers (okay, this was really more for me... I like to doodle too!!).

Moving right along - this is a great book for beginners and for young children. Briley can follow along with the directions and she is doing very well with her doodling. (That sounds so silly to me?) Here are a few examples of her... uh... uh... I mean... 'our' work.

So... now that she and I have been doodling for the past week, her confidence has really been boosted in her ability to draw and she's doodling with the best of them in the SECOND GRADE CLASSROOM! (HUGE EYE ROLLING MOMENT!) I guess it's the little things in 2nd grade that make or break ya'? LOL

Who knew there was a right or wrong way to doodle?
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