Thursday, October 9, 2008

How much do you really know about MARS?

Well let me tell ya' - I know more about the 4th planet from the Sun, than I ever really cared to know. Why? You ask? Because Briley-bop had a 'family project' on the solar system that was due this week. In keeping with usual form, I put this 'family project' off until the very last minute and as a result I was just simply too tired to really give a flying flip about any planet in the solar system.

Not to fear, I dug down deep into my Creative Mom Bag and she and I pulled out a project in one night. Yes, I now feel like I've been in 2nd grade 4 times - when oh when will I be done with school? I've graduated already!! My parents didn't spend hours with me around the kitchen table cutting and pasting little red planets all over a poster board? Why do I have to?

Oh well did you know that Mars was names after the Roman god of war? I do now!
Did you know that a year in Mars is 687 days? And Mars is the most Earth-like planet with seasonal changes and atmospheric characteristics. Yes, yes I know... you are completely intrigued! Please contain your enthusiasm, I haven't had my coca-cola yet this morning! LOL

All in all, I guess we did a pretty good job of telling about the planet Mars, well for a second grade project that is! This morning Briley hopped out of the car with her backpack and big white poster board in tow - whew.... another 'family project' down and only 5,468 more to go!!!
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