Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Addiction....

I really must seek professional help! (NO COMMENTS, please!)

I LOVE quilting! I LOVE putting the blocks together and seeing it all come together. I especially love knowing that someday I will have grandchildren that can lay on and play under a quilt that I made with much love and anticipation of its' use. (Corny, yes... but it's true.) I'm addicted.

I can't say that I'm overly excited about the actual 'quilting' process of adding the batting and all that jazz, but I can't get enough of the piecing and choosing the fabrics. Sunday I had a few hours of alone time and decided to wander the aisles of the fabric store - bad, bad, very bad idea. I managed to get away without purchasing any new fabrics and only left with the new sewing machine needles that I went in to pick-up. However, I felt sooooo depressed, or sorts! I mean how could I leave all of those fabrics - they were calling out my name! The pattern books were literally jumping out at me, just begging to be loved. I think I was delusional by the time I left.

Now I'm motivated to finish my Crumbs quilt and move on to something more challenging. I really love the patterns and colors that are out right now in the Jelly Rollsand the Charm Packs, I think I'll venture into something like that. If I didn't work full time I would really be in a pickle, because I wouldn't have any money to buy new and pretty fabrics and I would just be that much more depressed, although I would certainly have the time that I so desperately want to sew more quilts!

Ahhh... so much fabric, so many pretty patterns, and so little time!

I truly understand the ladies that I've heard say, "My soul is fed by needle and thread." It's a powerful addiction.
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