Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Desperate Plea to my Blogging Girl Scout Friends

I need to find out - learn - or at the very least see a picture to teach ME how to make a paper/cardboard knife for Girl Scout Knife Training. Something possessed me to say 'yes' to helping with the Overnight Camping Skills Event that our Service Unit is putting together and I was nominated/ forced/ agreed to teach the knife safety unit. I've been able to find the techniques they want taught and how to teach it, but I just can't seem to find a picture or instructions to make a cardboard or paper knife?

I've spent the last 4 hours searching the Internet and I've come up with NOTHING... NADA... BIG ZIP! I think if I could at least see a picture of what I'm supposed to be looking for, I could just wing it.

If you have any experience with this please let me know.
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