Friday, October 17, 2008

My Friday Vent

Oh heck, I don't need it to be a Friday, I just need to VENT.

Now to the offending topic - let's talk about HOMESCHOOLING. I realize that many families have transitioned their children from public/private schools to homeschooling and are doing well. Additionally, I realize that for many families homeschooling is the only form of formal education that their children have ever been exposed to and I can totally understand and empathize with their reasoning. I'm not questioning or 'venting' about their personal choices for educating their children. (This will serve as my disclaimer.)

My angst comes with ignorant parents that are teaching their children. This is glaringly obvious when you read their own personal blogs about their home school journey and they repeatedly make grammatical errors and spelling errors. Okay people, use a dictionary or at the very least use the spell checker! I mean seriously - if you can't speak proper English or write correctly then how on Earth are you going to be able to teach little Johnny? UGH - Huge eye-rolling issue for me! (I should probably put my soap box back under the bed....:)) Really now.... learn when to use the word 'too'.... it will make me feel so much better and you won't look so stupid when you write! LOL

If a homeschooling parent has problems with basic grammar usage, just how effective to you think that same parent is going to be when their child gets to Algebra or Biology? If you as a parent never got past the 9th grade in school and were fortunate enough to pass the GED, do you honestly think you can teach your child through the 12th grade? Or at least teach them enough to help them further their education past the need to head cover, have babies and walk around pregnant for years while baking bread? (Another huge eye rolling moment for me!)

I guess for myself, being the product of an English teacher and educated parents, we were never allowed to 'get away' with speaking slang in our home and we were certainly very aware that how you speak in public helps to form others' opinions of you. As snooty as this sounds, when I am standing in line at the grocery store and I hear a mother speak in slang or just incorrect grammar, I instantly think she's an idiot -sorry - but I do! You may have all the best intentions in the world, but unless you can practice what you teach you don't have any business teaching.

The same standard should hold true for our teachers in the public school system. I had better not overhear my child's teacher saying 'aint' in the middle of the classroom or my head just might explode. LOL

So for those that don't agree with me, I really don't care. This is my blog and my opinion, for what it is worth.
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