Thursday, October 16, 2008

The lastest on my QUILT adventure

I am in complete and total awe of how many great quilters there are out in the world wide web! The time, talent, and patience that is required to make a quilt is absolutely fascinating.... and this is my first attempt at a real quilt, or sorts.

I have made other quilts before, like rag quilts, or panel quilts and just basic big blocks, but this is the first time I have attempted to cut out tiny squares and sew... ya' know? This is the CRUMBS quilt pattern that I told you about several weeks ago. So be kind... I'm a newbie! I have absolutely loved this entire process from start to finish. I finally mastered the rotary cutter and now it all makes sense? (Finally!!!) I have such a huge admiration for my grandmother and the many many quilts she made by HAND - WOW!! Of course I am piecing this quilt using my handy dandy Bernina sewing machine, and I am going to quilt it with a rambling pattern on my same handy dandy Bernina. I'm almost finished putting the quilt top together and I still need to take some scraps up to the fabric store to pick out my backing. I probably have something in my fabric stash that I could use....but you know me.... I'm going to want something other than what I already have.
At this point I'm just tickled that 99% of my little tiny squares line up - Whew!

OH...and here's is Briley's face painting from the Texas State Fair ....TOO CUTE, If I do say so myself! What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't insert yet another picture of my cutie pie?

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