Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doritos Casserole? Anyone?

See this evil grin, I was beginning to think we were all going to be poisoned by Doritos?

Let me start this story off correctly..... Yesterday Brit announces that she has learned to make a Doritos Casserole and she wanted to prepare dinner for us. Hmmm??? Okay? I'm surprised, pleased and a bit worried, but I'm not going to show my emotions - I don't want to ruin anything that might work out in my favor! (Wink... Wink)

So.... Brit gives me her list of ingredients, which luckily I keep on hand anyway and all I had to pick up was the bag of Doritos.

**Before you even give this recipe any considerations, let me first warn you.... this is a typical college student - comfort food - casserole. It is HIGH in sodium, HIGH in fat, HIGH is calories, and HIGH in Carbs....this is NOT for the weak or the dieting!! LOL **

(I'm an equal opportunity brand shopper - I buy whichever brand is on sale!)

  • Brown about a 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef and season with garlic, onions, salt, and pepper. I usually saute my onions and garlic with my beef, but I just let her do her thing and she used the powdered version. Worked out just fine.
  • Heat up the two cans of cream-of-whatever

  • Grate about a pound of cheese

  • Open one can of ranch style beans

  • Crush and entire bad of Nacho Cheese Doritos.
  • Layer the casserole dish with half of the crushed Doritos and next layer with cooked ground beef, then the cream of whatever soups, next comes the ranch style beans (NOT DRAINED) and finally use the rest of the bag of crushed Doritos and top with a Mountain of grated cheese.

  • Bake in a 375* oven - covered with foil - for about 40 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Then... Eat up! Oh, and for added flavor you can use some ranch dressing to top it all off with (Bailey and Brit said it was great) or you can use hot sauce. Briley and I just ate it plain and we thought it was great that way. Your choice!

You can see by the pictures of Bailey and Briley that they were very happy with their sister's culinary skills... well, okay.... it was just a one dish wonder, but we aren't going to argue over semantics!

Brit's come a long way from boxed mac n' cheese! LOL Maybe this is the beginning of something bigger to come... maybe she'll start experimenting with other dishes. You can bet that I'm not going to do anything to discourage her at this point, I welcome the help in the kitchen!

I had to capture this moment on film because no one really knows if we will ever see her standing over a stove again? Seriously... this is huge novelty in my house - she's the TV Dinner Queen!

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