Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Rant... Whimpy kids... UGH

Last night at Bri's tumbling class one of the little girls (maybe 9 yrs old?) stepped 'wrong' off of the mat and twisted her ankle just a bit - I mean - seriously - I saw the whole thing - it was just the fact that she stepped wrong off of the 3" mat - (huge eye rolling thing for me).

So her mother, her dad, and her younger sister all run out to see about her and interrupt everyone else's tumbling time for about 7 minutes or so. Now... first of all.... does is take the entire family to watch her tumble for an hour? I mean really - do you ALL need to go and sit and watch her LEARN to do a cartwheel?

Next, why in the world did it take ALL of these people to go out and pick the kid up and move her to the side of the mats? The way she and her parents were acting - you would have thought that a bone was sticking out of the skin? HONESTLY!!! So, after the entire class is interrupted and the coaches have to stop and go round up some ice for this kid, the mother is just doting on this kid like nothing I've ever seen. Asking her if she wanted to continue with tumbling? Asking her if she felt like she could do this or that... I mean... seriously - at the most her ankle might have been stinging just a bit - but we aren't talking about a significant injury! Good Grief.

To top it all off - this goofy mother says to the 9 YEAR OLD whiny baby, "Only you know your body and if you think you can't continue tonight or put weight on your foot, then do you want us to take you to the Dr.?" OH..... MY!!!! These people need to get a grip! She's a whiny kid, anyone can see that from just observing her in class - and how in the heck does a 9 year old KNOW HER OWN BODY YET? Give me a BREAK!

So after about 6 minutes - at the most- the girl gets up and walks over to the mats and starts tumbling again... like nothing is hurt. Go figure?

And we wonder why the youth of tomorrow is so dependant and needy? It's this type of parenting that builds big whiny babies!

I've had my kids slip off the mats before or land wrong and the most they get is a quick look and I send them back out to tumble. There have been times when they may have really strained their ankles or wrists, but that just means they get a Tylenol before bed and we are good the next day. ** No blood loss.... No bone protruding... no puke... then you're just fine! I'm paying this guy by the hour - get to tumbling! **
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