Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on the purse calling my name...

I went to Dillard's bright and early Friday morning, fully prepared to lay down my $275 for THE purse I just had to have. However, when I found it and tried on my shoulder it was awful. The straps were too short and it was just awful... I was totally devastated, UNTIL the nice helpful little old lady mentioned that there were some NEW Dooney and Bourke purses that I might like.

Now how did she know me so well???

Yes, yes she was right - I did discover there were a few of the D&B purses calling to me - it was some what spiritual! :) (You should be reading this with sarcasm.) Not to worry...I found a very wonderfully comfortable shoulder strap on a chocolate brown suede D&B that just happened to be ON SALE!! GASP!!! Well - now you know me - I can't pass up a sale! It was meant to be... duh!!

Of course since I found a purse on sale - I had EXTRA money to spend! Woo Hoo.... Yep, you guessed it, I just had to have a new wallet to match. How could I not? It would have been a horrible fashion mishap.

So now I've got a new purse to sooth my wounds while we visit my in laws for the holidays. Okay, so I really didn't need a new purse to survive, but I'm sure going to feel better - even though none of my hick town in laws will really care one way or the other what kind of purse I carry - I will know.... WINK WINK!!!

**Disclaimer: I'm really NOT a name dropping purse feign.... but... I do have my moments when the little things I can afford for myself, make the rest of my life bearable!**

(Stay tuned for the latest in my husband's skanky text messaging softball mamma/girlfriend - this is getting good!)

Here's the link to a picture of this totally fab purse... Brown Suede Fredrica Bag
I really like the 'feed bag' style also... hmmmm????? Maybe?
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