Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You know the kinds of people that are just lawsuit happy... well I've had the unfortunate luck of being the next on their hit list. In March of this year I was involved in a traffic accident wherein I was REAR ENDED by another car. The other driver is denying any responsibility, although the police report clearly states it was HIS fault, NOT MINE! UGH....

So fast forward to now... yes we have a court date set for OCTOBER 2009 and I've just received back the discovery information from the Plaintiff, (a passenger in the other car) or who I shall formally refer to as the skank that is suing me.

Get this... this woman is an admitted meth addict (clearly documented in the discovery papers) and has served time in the Alabama State Prison system, where she sued the State of Alabama because she said she was abused by the prison guards. Okay... my mouth was hanging open in shock after I read all of this in the discovery papers. Additionally, she has been diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder... uh hello? Does anyone see any red flags going up here?

To top it all off, her account of the accident is so far stretched from what actually happened and is recorded on the police report. My question is this.... How in the world can this type of bogus claim/suit get through the judicial system. I mean really now - common sense is desperately needed at this point.

If your State Farm Insurance premiums increase, it's because people like this are abusing the system and our money is paying to defend such utterly stupid claims. Oh and get this... the damage on my car was estimated at $637.oo the other driver's car damage was $5,000 and the plaintiff's medical bills are over $12,000 (for which she didn't have any health insurance, but she continued to return to the ER for various testing and they found nothing wrong with her?)

Now the poor skank is unable to contine working at the Black Eye Pea restaurant because she is in soooooo much pain! O.M.G!!! GET A LIFE!
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