Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day

I go along for YEARS and never shed a tear or even let myself think about how much I really do miss my daddy. However, with today being Veterans' Day and also my Dad's birthday, I have had a hard time emotionally today.

I found this sampler in one of my favorite catalogs and just started bawling like a big ole' baby... what is wrong with me? LOL My dad would have been 70 years old today if he had lived. However, his life was taken much too soon when he was only 55 after suffering with Leukemia. I don't think this is a wound that will ever heal for me.... I was a HUGE Daddy's girl!

Of the many things my dad taught us, the most prevalent of all his passions was his patriotism and the honor that he felt having served during the Cuban Crisis in the US Air Force. He was of course, my Military Hero and will always be the first person I think of on Veterans' Day... if for no other reason than to whisper him a birthday wish, because I KNOW he's still with me.

Okay, I've done it again... :) I've made myself cry.... please excuse me while I get a tissue.

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