Friday, December 19, 2008

It's do or die time....

I must buy christmas gifts for my children!

From the looks of our tree, you might think the elves were on strike - NOT A PRESENT TO BE FOUND!

I attempted the mall on my lunch break today, but it was just horrid. No parking spaces, and absolutely no selections - so I suppose this means that I will have to drive about an hour out of my way to the 'rich folk mall' and shop on Saturday. I do have a general idea of what each girl wants, so maybe I can focus and just get through it? I do have a list for each girl and I keep looking at them hoping that it will just magically get done. No luck yet?

We only buy gifts for our three girls and my mother and grandmother, you would think that I could have this knocked out wouldn't you? NOPE... I am not a shopper and I am most definitely not a mall wanderer, so this really is a taxing and challenging time for me.

I wish you all the best of luck in finishing your shopping and for those of you that are finished and have been for several days or even weeks - well - I don't want to know! Good for you... you big NERD!! LOL
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