Monday, January 12, 2009

Partying with your kids???

Good Monday Morning to you all! Let me first say that I'm so sorry I haven't logged in or blogged yet this new year, but I'm sure you all understand when I say that 'life' has gotten in the way of everything lately! I'm ready to get on with this year and get past the drama of the holidays and the stress that one particular child, whom we shall call college diva, has been putting me through lately. Okay, so moving on....

The topic of "partying with your kids" comes to mind...I don't mean throwing a party and enjoying the festivities at your home and cutting a cake. I mean taking your kids to the local honky-tonk and boozing it up with them??? GASP!!!

This past weekend Brit (college diva) was invited to a birthday party for a friend. This said friend was turning 19 and her parents were taking she and her friends to the local honky-tonk for dancing and fun. Uhh.... okay... they do let 18 yr olds in and they stamp your hand so that they can't sell you booze, but STILL? What decent parent lets the kid celebrate their birthday at a BAR???? Obviously I'm a huge bore and prude? Am I missing something here? Is it okay that the 'mom' and 'dad' get so boozed up that they are no longer legal to drive home? HELLO??? Ya' wanna know why the younger generation of kids think that drinking and driving drunk is okay - well???? Their parents do too?

Ya wanna know why so many young girls thinks it's okay to dress provacatively and dance on tops of the tables.... well?? There mothers do it!!!!

As the events of the party unfolded yesterday and I began to overhear all of the details, I was just amazed!!! I can't believe these so-called adults openly discuss their inebriation's with their children and their children's' friends. The openly boast about how drunk they are or what a great drink they've tried. What's more is that I can't believe they speak in such vulgar and filthy language in front of anyone and everyone... I am absolutely amazed and shocked!

This is not the first time I've heard of this - as a matter of fact - another party much like this one was last weekend for another one of Brit's friends. I call it a shock and awe party! I would be so embarrased to behave in this manner, and most especially in front of impressionable young minds! My personal view is that I am responsible for my own actions and those of my minor children. As a responsible adult, I should make certain that I am behaving in a manner that is decent and moral - that being said - I'm obviously not going to be the partying mom that throws the best party on the block! Oh well???

I'll just stick to being my old-fashioned prudish mother !!!
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