Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun under the Big Top!

And here are the pictures that I managed to take, before my camera battery died - wouldn't you know it? The girls also rode on an elephant, but by that time the camera battery was beyond dead and as usual, I didn't even think about taking pictures with my cell phone... oh well? I guess they will have a good excuse to ride an elephant some other time, so I can get pictures!

--- First up are the Tigers ---Not quite as impressive as the Vegas Circus acts, but good enough for our small town and I can assure you that I wouldn't get in the ring with these lovely creatures!

Next we have the clowns... they were actually quite funny and really interacted with the audience. Photobucket

The Elephants are much larger in life and soooooo close upPhotobucket

Oh and here we have Bailey - being way tooooo cool to have her mom take a picture of her at the Circus - PULEEEZE!!! LOL

No circus is complete without the acrobats...this woman could hook her foot in that rope and swing for what seemed like forever - while hanging upside down. YIKES!!! I wonder if she suffers with migraines? Photobucket

This guy was already on a stand that was a good 8 feet off of the ground and then he had the nerve to climb on top of these rolling coffee cans.... LOL ... better him than me!

And last but not least - we saw the hula-hoop lady - I don't think I've ever had body parts that moved in as many different directions as she had. I'm barely coordinated enough to keep one hula-hoop moving, much less 20 or more! Photobucket

So there you have it - a brief glimpse at the circus that came to town! The girls and I really did have a fun time and it was great mid-week entertainment, even if a teeny tiny bag of cotton candy was a whopping $4..... oh well - it's all in the name of fun? Right? LOL
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