Monday, March 30, 2009

Not your mamma's girdle...

Well, my dear blogging friends - the time has come! I'm quickly approaching 40 and it's becoming ever so obvious that even though I can loose a few pounds here and there, I'm never going to get back to the once taught abs or buns of yesteryear! Oh, I'm sure that if I hired some hunky trainer and spent my days working out and eating tofu, I could regain those lost years of fit and thin, but seriously - who's gonna do carpool and laundry for me?

We all know that the possibility of anyone stepping in to take over my domestic duties, whilst I work out to obtain the body of a model, is absolutely NOT going to happen! So, with this said I've researched and discovered other methods that I'm pursuing to assist in obtaining a more defined figure and much less jiggly!

Oh I've not given up the diet, I'm just looking to other more obtainable methods... i.e.. the girdle! LOL Now let me clarify this - I CAN NOT and WILL NOT wear the old bone hard girdles that our mothers sported - it's just not happening! I enjoy breathing and I absolutely detest the feeling of having my insides bunched and punched up onto my diaphragm. Therefore I have recently discovered these lovely inventions.... SPANX!

These are a fabulous invention! This past weekend I made my first SPANX purchase and quickly realized that these little lovelies are worth their weight in gold - yahoo -- I'm no longer bulging in the wrong places!! LOL I highly recommend them for those unsightly little bulges, and you know you have them! If you don't have those obnoxious bulges, then we just can't be friends any longer - 'cause I can't deal with perfect people! :)

Seriously blog world, you must obtain a pair of these wonderfully hidden miracle girdle-pantie things! They are surprisingly comfortable and really do make those uncomfortable clothes fit and feel much nicer.

So there you have it - my product endorsement for the day!
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