Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post

For a Concussion! See this? This light/chandelier/head crusher is hanging in my dining room! This horrid thing came with the house, and until recently it was starting to grow on me - not so much anymore!

I'm tall and I am constantly running into this thing! It hurts! It leaves a huge knot on my head, every time!! One might think that I would eventually learn to duck, but I guess not?

If our dining room was actually used for dining and the table was actually sitting under the light, I suppose we wouldn't have this nasty problem - but we don't have the table sitting in the middle of the room and we don't use it for dining! This room is basically our junk/computer/sewing/school project room - a huge mess that is on my agenda to 'get to' eventually!

In the meantime, I've gone to the Home Depot and purchased a shiny new fan and light kit. I am going to patiently wait an appropriate amount of time (to be determined by my mood) before I start nagging at my husband to switch and replace the offending fixture!

As it is, I'm still nursing a nasty bump on my head and each morning as I shower and shampoo and feel the painful knot on my head, I'm reminded of just how much I hate that light! I can assure you I will promptly forget about this issue as soon as the new fixture is installed and the head crusher is moved to an appropriate location, preferably into the attic and not just on the garage floor with all of the other 'get to' projects that abound in our home....

Oh... it's a continuing saga....
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