Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm not dead yet...

Just a little overwhelmed with life right now. I'm just extremely frustrated with some people and things in my life and what's worse is that I have allowed myself to get this far gone! Ya' know? It's time for a quick swift kick in the booty and a little 'come to Jesus' meeting for myself.

I apologize now, for not keeping up with my blogging and I'm not sure when or what I will post next, so please bare with me.

Nothing in particular is going on in my life, I'm just going through some strange funk that is overtaking me and I need to figure out how to pull myself up and out of the murkiness of it all.

Maybe it's a mini-mid life crisis? If that's the case - well I better drop about 40lbs and go on the search for my young hot stud.... oh wait - I don't have the energy for that! Fooey!

Keep blogging and come back in a few days to see what I might have mustered up to write about. Between now and then I'm going to take a nice long hot bath and read my latest copy of Southern Lady, say a nice long prayer -or several, and drink a Sonic Coke!
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