Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disallusioned with gardening!

I'm so frustrated!
I did everything I thought I was supposed to do and still NOTHING! I started out with fresh new and yummy Miracle Grow Potting Soil, gingerly planted my little cucumber plants (all 12 of them into various pots) and I watered almost daily and fertilized once a week, just like the Internet experts on cucumbers suggested and look at what I've got!

NOTHING! Oh these plants were covered in blooms about a month ago and I just knew that I would be having a bumper crop of cucumbers to pickle and enjoy throughout the summer. WRONG..... I've got a dead and tangled looking mess! Not ONE SINGLE cucumber in the bunch! Next up are the infamous tomato plants - oh anyone can grow tomatoes... right? WRONG AGAIN! I prepared these little baby plants the same way as the cucumbers - fresh potting soil, faithfully watering and fertilizing and basically I've gotten a small handful of yellow nubby tomatoes off of the plants. I have to pick whatever I can get BEFORE they are even ripe, because the darn birds won't leave them alone.
And this lovely plant below...well it was supposed to be the BIG BERTHA TOMATO producer and yield large red lusciousness... Oh it was covered in blooms about a month ago and I just knew I had finally achieved gardening success.... Uh not so much! This plant has NOT produced ONE SINGLE TOMATO! What the heck happened to all of those blooms? I water these plants every day - by hand - standing among the vicious mosquitoes that ravage my legs and arms - you'd think these stinkin' plants would offer me some sort of reward or recognition for my efforts! BIG NOTHING! And here is my gang-buster crop of jalapeno peppers - a whopping *4* peppers! I had high hopes of being able to make a few quarts of pepper sauce, like my grandmother use to, but I guess not! My husband sampled one of the first peppers and he said that they weren't even hot! UGH! Maybe I'm not meant to garden? Maybe I should just stick to buying from the Farmer's Market? On a brighter and happier note - I will be able to harvest FIGS! Oh I do love a good fresh fig! Check out the crop on my fig tree - which I so lovingly tend to year by year! This is a very old fig tree, it was transplanted from my husband's grandmother's house after she passed away. I am very happy that it has found a home in my yard! Did I mention how much I love fresh figs?

For anyone that knows me... they all know that I don't share my figs well .... and I don't play well with others, but that's another post for another day! :) I've never had to use a net to cover my fig tree before, but after seeing what these pesky birds have done to my helpless tomato plants, I just might have to use a net this year! We'll see? I'm not playing around with my figs! This is serious business!

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