Monday, July 6, 2009

Stop the Ride......

I wanna get off! If only I could say that about life and work in general. Can you tell? I'm definitely ready for a week away from work and just the usual grind of the day-to day!
10 more days until we leave for Panama City Beach, Florida!
These next 10 days are going to be the longest days of the summer, just from sheer anticipation -and the week that we are actually in Florida is going to fly by, like no body's business!
This weekend was pretty much the 'norm' around our house - nothing fun and exciting to report.
We attended a firework show in the little community down the farm-to-market road from our house. Let me just say - it's a community wide event that closes down the highway as lawn chairs and pick-up trucks line up and down the road and church parking lots to watch rounds and rounds of fireworks go off! Briley and Bailey enjoy the evening of running wild and free with their country friends and occasionally you catch a glimpse of one of them on someones golf cart as they roam up and down the little town. It's a lot of fun with lot's of BBQ, music and mosquitoes. I might enjoy the evening more if I knew I didn't have to smell of Tropical Fresh OFF, just to stay alive! Otherwise, I'm a mosquito buffet - free for all that need to nibble!
Needless to say- the mosquitoes and fireworks were the highlight of the weekend! Just more of the same - laundry - laundry - laundry! Seriously -- how many outfits and towels can three girls use in a day? You don't want to know! It's astounding!
I've just about given up on my cucumbers and have decided that if I don't see something that resembles a little cucumber by the end of the week - the plants are getting relocated to the compost pile and I'm just going to throw out my efforts to produce my own pickles this year! I'll just resort to visiting the Farmer's Market and buying their cucumbers!
I feel about the same way with my tomato plants... and according to my Texas Gardener Magazine, it's almost time to start planting new tomato plants for the Fall? Should I even attempt it? Should I really set myself up for another failed tomato crop? More news on that later - I still have three weeks or so to decide. Right now my heart is hardened towards even trying, but by then... the scars will be healed and I'll probably stumble into another set of tomato plants, yearning to grow my own!
Let me just say again **10 more days** !!!!
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