Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Organizing your Road Trip

As so many of you may have picked up on by now... we are going on Vacation in 9 days and we will be spending approximately 13 hours in the car (one way) - DRIVING!! Now before you contact CPS about cruel and unusual punishment to my kiddos, we will be stopping about half way in Mississippi to spend the night and finish the last 6 hours of the trip the next day. If we tried to drive it all in one day - I'm pretty sure someone would get there in a body bag! It's bad enough that we are all crammed in a car together for any length of time, but to drive that distance - together - well...let's just say it's not going to be pretty!

As a general rule, I am THE QUEEN of the Ziploc Bag! I stash and sort tons of junk/stuff/food/games/bug spray/wet wipes...etc... in individual baggies to prevent mass clutter, but what else do you consider a staple for your family vacations and road trips?

Each of the girls have their own portable DVD players and headphones, along with their own IPODS and Nintendo DS games, but even with the assortment of technology in the back seat, I'm sure we will be serenaded with "I'm bored" or the ever popular "How much longer?"

Anyway, here's my idea - I'm actually pretty handy at organizing our vehicle and taking along the little extras that make the trip bearable, but I want to hear your ideas. Do you have any fun travel idea or take-along items that you just can't leave home without?

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