Monday, July 13, 2009


I found a wonderful lady on Etsy to custom make and embroidery a tote bag for me to carry while we are on vacation in Florida. 'Cause we are really only there for SOFTBALL... uh yea.. right.... whatever! I'm there for the beach! Bailey and her dad can play softball, but Briley and I are there to dig in the sand and catch the waves!

[**Just checked the weather and it's supposed to RAIN the entire week we are there.. UGH... maybe that just means they will get a quick little summer shower and it will move on through. I didn't notice any sort of tropical depression looming over the Florida State Weather map? ]

Anyway, this is the team name and their team colors - so I'll be styling a new bag while we are traveling and you know I'm gonna be the envy of all of the other team moms! (Which is really my driving force!LOL) I don't do the big "MOM" t-shirts with my daughter's number on the back and I don't usually dress in bright orange and black for tournaments, but now when it comes to tote bags - well - I have a little addiction. { I think I've already shared that with everyone!}

**I'm a tote bag and flip flop addict! I don't need intervention! I like my little addictions! **

However - now that I've got a new Tote Bag, I do need a new pair of black and white polka dot flip flops - why it wouldn't be proper for a southern gal to sport a new bag without shoes to match? What would the neighbors say?

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