Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You're gonna act like you're having fun or else...

These were the words I had to repeat to Briley while she was at her Girl Scout Bowling party! UGH! (Notice the forced smile... it was like this all day!) Maybe she got up on the wrong side of the bed? Who knows? Maybe the winds were blowing from the wrong direction? Maybe the tides of the earth were backwards? It's really any body's guess when it comes to mood swings in girls? Ya' know?

I was sure that a few hours spent in the air conditioning, bowling and eating pizza would be so much more fun that just sitting at home and doing nothing - or better yet, we could have gone to Bailey's softball tournament and enjoyed the 100*+ temps ---but no! She was determined to make my life miserable and the pictures reflect it! I had to chase her head around just to get any pictures of her at all... Good Grief!

This picture pretty much sums up how the entire bowling party went for her!
Maybe it's safe to say that bowling isn't her sport?

The two hours went from bad to worse - she seemed to have issues with the way the bowling shoes fit. Well duh? Who doesn't? They are bowling shoes - get over it!

Then she had issues with which lane she was bowling on and whose team she was on - yea .. yea..yea... by this point my patience was running thin - and then the defining moment when I just all but lost it and luckily I'm not writing this while sitting in a jail cell for child abuse! Oh you laugh now, but anyone that's had kids can identify with my angst and frustration!

The pizza arrived and Briley rudely proclaimed, in front of everyone, that she "was not gonna touch it!" (She said this in complete and utter defiance with arms crossed and scowl face!)

Oh it was by the Grace of God that I didn't rip her little body from the chair and throw her across the room - or at the very least - slap her silly! I'm not sure what evil force possessed her body that day or why she chose to exhibit such horrible behavior? Briley is normally easy going and has fun with whatever ... but this... this ugliness was just more than I could deal with! And if you know anything about my life, you realize I deal with lots of ugly and rude teenage behavior - so I'm not so naive that I think my kids aren't going to act out.. but WHEW.... I'm just glad no one got hurt in that 2 hour interval of time! 'Cause it was definitely touch and go for a while! LOL

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