Monday, June 29, 2009

When it's 103* in the Shade....

What's a girl to do, but hit the water park!

Briley's Girl Scout Troop had a little get together at one of the area water parks for a few hours of refreshing fun. Let's just say - when the temps are registering 103* on my car which is parked in the shade... uh... we have a problem!

It was so hot in the Metroplex this weekend, the only options for outside fun were either floating in a pool of chlorinated water or slipping down a slide rushing with chlorinated water!

The girls had a great time and we went to a park that we had never been to before. I didn't even realize how close it was to us or how cheap it was for a few hours of sloshing fun. We may have to plan another trip to break the boredom and the heat of the summer.

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