Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trying to find my mojo

It's not working out too well. I did mentally commit to sewing this weekend - so I found a clean spot in my dining...er...junk room and drug out the sewing machine (basically I shoved everyone else's junk off). I gathered the fabrics that I wanted to work with, found my cutting board and my rotary cutter with what seemed like a totally dull blade.

So - I finally get a few minutes of peace and quiet when either everyone is gone or the girls are across the street swimming - whew - just a few minutes is all I think I will need to try to 'recreate' a quilt block that I saw on the Internet. Yes, I was trying to bootleg a pattern, without buying it or getting too technical!! So there - shoot me for trying! I had my working space ready to go - ready to be productive and in walks a kid. " MOM, I'M HUNGRY!".... GRRRRR.....

Literally I had the first blocks put under the needle and was just about to start the first stitch - my foot was on the peddle, prepped and ready to go. Well of course the remainder of my spawn started trickling in and demanding food. So much for that sewing endeavor?

Not to worry - I tried it again the next day. This time it was going to go along much quicker - I already had the machine set up and after all, I did have a few blocks cut out and ready to be pieced.

Naively I sat down - began sewing squares together. Everything was going well until I got to my SECOND set of squares -- the bobbin thread get caught and the needle wouldn't budge at all. I mean - nothing! LOCKED UP TIGHT! Not a problem, I wasn't going to get mad - I would just take the bobbin out and poof the wayward thread would be freed. UH not so fast!

It was definitely a job that required pulling out the owner's manual and disassembling the bobbin unit and all of the little parts and pieces. At this point approximately 15 mins has passed and the thread is out - I can begin again!

So away I went - piecing and matching fabrics. I thought it would go much better, but then I realized that a couple of my seams weren't matching up just exactly right and yes, my OCD is huge in this area. So rip a few, sew a few... you get the idea.

Finally after what I estimate to be about 2 hours into this project, I have this to show for my efforts - just this one lone square!

To top it all off - my seams still don't match up and my cutting job leaves a lot to be desired! This is what happens when you don't sew enough - you loose your skill! Really now - it's just squares and rectangles and apparently I can't get that right either! Now I'm going to have to fussy cut any other pieces if I plan on progressing any further with this quilt. I'm just so frustrated with myself!

Needless to say, this wasn't the weekend to find my sewing/quilting MOJO, but I'm not giving up. At least not yet anyway! It's going to take a lot more than a couple of uneven seems to get me to throw in the sewing machine.

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