Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Days of ME Time

Yep, that's right...I'm taking my annual weekend to hang out with my girl buddies and we are heading to Canton Trade Days!

I am so excited to not be MOM for just a few hours! I am so excited to be able to eat and drink whatever I want, without someone wanting to sample my food! I am so excited to be able to cuss like a sailor, if I feel like it (not that I will, but you know what I mean?). Even more excited to not have to stop every 30 minutes or so and trek off of to the nearest potty barn -'cause I'm a big girl - I can hold it!

As usual, I don't really have anything on my 'to find' or 'look for' list, so I'll just stroll along with the gal pals and ooh and ahh over anything and everything and wait for the next round of margaritas to be made! :)

Woo hoo... bring on the fun! How crazy - a bunch of 40 year old women acting like we don't have a care in the world! Count me in!
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