Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things to make you go "HMMMM???"

I probably spend too much time alone and looking at my computer screen - that's got to be the reason I sit around and think of odd stuff?

My first quandary is about the brave men and women that die in combat; when their bodies are brought back to the US, have their bodies been embalmed? Are they still wearing the clothes they had on when they were killed? Are they still covered in blood and etc? Do the families get to see their bodies once they are back on US soil and before burial? I don't ask these questions to be rude or disrespectful, I just really wonder? I've never had a close family member or friend die in combat and I've never had to go through this experience.

My next quandary has to do with Email and People; Why oh why do some people think that they have to come by your office or call you to tell you they've sent you an email? I mean... I work all day long sitting in front of the computer screen, I am constantly checking my 'in-box', why do I need someone to make a special point to tell me they sent me an email and then what makes it worse is that they continue to tell me what it was about? HUH? INSERT HUGE EYE ROLLING MOMENT FOR ME! Last time I checked, I could read?

Thirdly and finally, I'm so confused as to why school dietitians even toy with the idea that some 3rd grader is going to be the least bit interested in eating a TUNA BOAT? Seriously? I'm an adult that likes tuna, but some how I just don't find the idea of eating Tuna Fish prepared and served in the school cafeteria as appetising - much less when you add "BOAT" to the idea?

Maybe it's just me?
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