Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yawning - All Day Long!!

Did you hear that?
It was a large thud head just hit the desk!

So what's wrong with me that I can't stop yawning ALL DAY LONG? I sleep at night, I sleep during the day, I basically sleep at any given opportunity. Something happens the minute I sit down at my desk and try to work - I start yawning and it lasts all day!!!

I don't mean once or twice an hour - I'm talking about all day long - yawning repeatedly - time after time, sometimes for an hour or so at a time. If given the opportunity I could easily put my head down and go to sleep!

This problem has been going on for MONTHS! I was hoping that once I got my blood pressure all situated and settled that the yawning would stop and I wouldn't be so tired! NOPE, that didn't help. Then I was in hopes that once I could get back to sleeping through the night without any interruptions, I could somehow get my sleep cycles back in order and really overcome this yawning business. NOPE, that didn't help.

I just yawn incessantly - like a big looser - all day! I'm sure the guy sitting outside of my office is sick of hearing me yawn - I mean I try to be quiet about it, but sometimes --not so much! LOL I'm as sleepy as if I had taken two Benadryl or a sleeping pill- it's absolutely crazy!

Oddly enough, when I'm at home on the weekends I don't seem to have this problem. I go along all day, just fine - not yawning myself silly? It's so bad that I have to get up and move around to keep my head from bobbing up and down on my desk - or worse yet - falling face first into the keyboard.
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